When it comes to everyday jewelry, there should be more choices other than fine jewelry and costume cheap jewelry.

Fine jewelry is great. But they come at exorbitant prices. And it seems like the only alternative would be costume cheap jewelry. Which tarnishes easily and can cause irritations.

That's why we want to have another choice. We worked hard to bring you another option for everyday jewelry.

We want to redefine everyday luxuries.

We want to have beautifully crafted jewelry but for the fraction of the price of fine jewelry. We want our jewelries to be durable and beautiful without sacrificing price. But we don't want costume cheap quality nor do we want them to cause skin irritations.

So we've partnered directly with manufacturers.

To bring such vision into fruition.

But there's still so much work to be done.

That's why we continue to work hard everyday to see our vision flourish. We hope you'll support us and cheer us along the way, while we continue to bring you more choices for your everyday jewelry.